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Weather Report “It’s going to be 97, but it’s feels like 170”

Weather Report “It’s going to be 97, but it’s feels like 170”

Every summer there comes a point in time when I become angry every time I have to drive. Normally I’m a driving machine. I love big trucks, four wheeling, racing etc, but again, every heat filled August, every year, every summer, one day I get in my car and scream in pain because I jut sat on ridiculously hot seats, touched the steering wheel, or just felt how hot the inside of my car is after sitting all day under the sun. Yes, I have a garage, but it’s to hot to clean it out – lesson learned. I burned my hands gabbing the steering wheel and flashed back to every summer in Las Vegas I’ve screamed “I hate this city! This is why there will never be peace in the middle east because it’s to hot, everyone is too pissy from the heat!” Knowing this thought is purely me trying to get my mind of my burning flesh after touching my steering wheel, I grab a swig of the swill water I brought with me. Leaving my house is like packing for a camping trip. Canteen, check. Phone, check. Mean guard dog water bowl is full, check. Skin coverage,…crap. Fail on the skin coverage.

Long Shirt Dress Kaftan


Exposed skin in summer is going to make me look like a vintage Louis Vitton purse in a few years. Then I begin to smile because I know I, in my closet are all the perfect dresses for this “Feels like it’s 107 degrees today weather”. I changed into  a long kaftan, left my car running with the AC on as I changed into  long kaftan shirt / dress. After dressing I emerged a much happier and cooler feeling person. Survival in hot weather has to be strategic down to the clothing. What happened after I’d been in the heat and shopping battling through other miserably hot people. Well, let’s just say I’m not going to admit in a public “arena” what I did once the heat hot to my head again. 😉

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