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Swarovski Crystals History Told By A Professional

Eisenberg Vintage


Swarovski Crystals



Eisenberg Vintage Pin Brooch Swarovski Crystals

Researching over 100 years of collectible jewelry, bought by my great grand mother to my mother is proving to be an amazing hobby. Learning the history of Eisenberg Jewelry, Coro, Celebrity,¬†Hong Kong, and so many other brands had lite a fire inside. I adore the pieces, these……

Celebrity Jewelry Vintage Cocktail Hour

Celebrity Costume Jewelry
Researching vintage Celebrity costume jewelry…
Gong Show Prizes from the 1970’s


Researching vintage Celebrity costume jewelry has become my hobby. In between building websites I find peace in looking at all the gorgeous pieces of vintage costume jewelry passed down from my great grandmother to me. Bizarre and amusing,……

Antique Rosary Rare 1900s Wooden Beads Long Italy

Antique Rosary
Rare 1900s Wooden Beads Long Italy

If this rare rosary could talk then we might have a hit movie! My great grandmother Haley brought this rosary with her from England in the 1900’s. A devote converted Catholic, this rosary, by far was her favorite. Grandma owned dozens of rosaries…….